Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Luci: Doing better. Went most of the day w/o hand feeding and most of the night w/o hand feeding. Her activity is better than ever, but I'm extremely concerned that she's not eating her kibble. I saw her eat a few pieces this morning, but that was it. We're down to 0.1 cc of pregnisone BID, from 0.4cc TID. I think this is a huge effect, plus the loss of tumor obviously. My guess is that her fasting glucose is pretty stable now. But we really really need to get her on solids.

My current plan is to see how long she'll go before crashing, needless to say this is extremely stressful and draining, but I can't go on hand-feeding her so long, esp since she's able to eat on her own, and is on every drug i can think of (preg, oral antibiotic, topical antibiotic, pain killer, acid blocker, pepto). The fundamentals remain true. She had good surgical outcome (seemingly), she's only 4 years old, she survived the surgery, she's got plenty of body fat (thanks to preg). My hope is a) get her off preg completely, b) get her to eat! c) get her slimmed down (she's about 20% over weight, so its like me being 30-40 lbs overweight.)

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