Tuesday, August 12, 2008



We take it a day at a time. She can eat solids, she had alot of energy
this morning. We didn't feed her during the night (for the first time),
so she went without food for 8 hours. She was in ICU for 48 hours
post-surgery, close to death; since then we fed her every 2 hours
for 48 hours and every 3-4 hours for 48 hours.

Its a hard choice with the feeding schedule. On one hand, we can
maintain her for the forseeable future with the current feeding
schedule, but on the other hand, we want her to have an independent
life (not to mention we want to sleep again and I need to go back to

I'm hoping she will start eating her kibble at some point (real soon).
I think she still has some GI problems such that she's not tolerating
kibble. However, her edema is down, swelling is down but she's still
inflammed or has a fever (prob both). My hope is to wean her off
prednisone slowly, that will help with edema, and hopefully whatever
her GI problem is will heal naturally. Or maybe it's not the GI tract
that's not letting her eat solids...her stool is pretty normal
nowadays. We have a vet appt on Thur, which, frankly, none of us
thought she'd live to see. Wish I was a vet so I can get blood and
diagnostics every day instead of just guessing and hoping.

The fact that she hasn't had a seizure/episode since we brought her
home (esp last night, 8 hours w/o hand feeding) is a really good sign,
her body may finally be adjusting to the loss of insulin production. I
think if we can get her to eat solids by herself we'll be doing good.


Under option as of today. They'll need to inspect it sometime this week and make a final offer. Hopefully they won't lowball us too much.


Ha! I did the definative experiment and it actually works. It's too complex to go into here, but basically I have nothing publishable yet. Not sure I can ever use the data generated in the past 3 years. I still have the mouse project which will get published no matter what.

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