Monday, August 4, 2008

Edouard approaches

Here is the latest NOAA forcast.

I remember blogging about Rita and that being the mother of all storms, ahead of even Katrina in its mightiness. Here is the Rita Wiki site. See that picture? That's Florida to the right, and Louisiana above Rita. Rita was as big as all of Louisiana and Missisippi.

Edouard, in comparison, is the poor bastard step-child's cousin's friend's friend. Low pressure is 1000 mbar (Rita was...895 mbar, nearly a record). Max winds are a wimpy 45 mph. This is a very minor storm, but we're gonna get walluped for a bit unless it changes course. I spent the morning preparing the house sorta, getting some supplies in case of power outage. I spent the afternoon preping work. We're as ready as we'll be for this wimpy storm.


Wimpy indeed. It missed Houston by about 30 mi, Beaumont got hit. Very little damage, very little flooding here. It drizzled a bit in the morning, that's it. I appreciate the day off, since Luci is not doing well at all. She's in ICU at the moment.

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