Friday, August 8, 2008

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't

Well, interesting week! Luci has been critical sick this whole week following insulinoma surgery on Monday, finally pulling out of it yesterday. She is far from being out of the woods, but has staged a huge improvement in 24 hours. 24 hours ago we were wondering if we should have put her down. 36 hours ago, she had a near fatal blood glucose drop, if she wasn't in the ICU and if they didn't intervene, she would be dead.

Wednesday we put Jen's car in the shop, the mechanic wants probably the value of the car to do serious maintenance and body work. He's giving us a good deal actually, and said that the car should run another 70k miles.

Then we picked up Luci, (against medical orders), and got some IV solutions from our very kind vet to prepare for insulinoma attacks. We expected her not to last the day. Lo and behold, no more attacks, she's walking, she's eating solids, she's taking in huge amounts of liquids. She's still very badly off - i think she's got a huge peritinitis - post-op inflammation. But I pray to God, I really do, that she'll continue her mending streak. We refuse to go quietly into the night, and I'll be damned if I let her die on my watch.

Anyway we got a letter from the mortgage company last night saying we paid off the mortgage, and now we have an offer on the condo! So...things are looking good, whereas yesterday, things were not as much.

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