Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got the house

We did in fact close on the house, a day late but still fine. There were last minute heroic efforts of many (mostly jen and the mortgage guy) to get required docs in order. This certainly would not have happened w/o jen. Whereas the previous home i bought before i knew jen, my income didn't even count on this home because I'm a postdoc and my income isn't stable enough apparently. So yeah, they are really tightening up alot. We had to jump through alot of hoops to ensure that we'd be around forever and to pay off the loan no matter what. Alot of b.s. even with almost perfect credit.

Tonight (maybe) start moving in!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ticketmaster surcharge now up to $10 each

This is the main reason I don't go to concerts much, the prices are ridiculous. We're going to see TSO. No biggie, they come every year on tour, around this time of year. For two tickets, the cheap seats, it's $100 total. Same thing for other acts. If you were to go to a concert a week, that would be $400 a month in just concert fees. So, anyway, this is my yearly purchase of a concert from ticketmaster.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Been thinking about alot of things, especially a change in job field. Science is not easy and it's an up or out system, and I am rapidly approaching the make or break time, which I anticipate will not make the break, only 5% of us do. Anyway one thought was to work in the Obama adminstration, i already submitted a resume. A second though was to do a postdoc as a cancer prevention fellow, to do more statistical work and hopefully interact with M.D.s and patients more.

I think one issue is that there is so little visible job results which ties in directly to job satisfaction. I reached a milestone in one of my projects today, it took two months to clone a gene and to produce recombinant protein. It sounds challenging and it can be, but it's usually quite routine, just takes a long time often. If I was able to interact with actual real people I think I would be happier.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dell Mini 9

Going to be on sale for BF for about 50 bucks off. Ad here.