Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Credit crisis

Here's an interesting newsletter from Ameritrade on this issue. Essentially the advice is always the same. THe market will go up again. If you are risk adverse, diversify.

For us, our main concern is that we can get a mortgage for a decent interest rate. The answer seems to be yes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain vs Obama on science issues

First roundup i've seen on this issue. I think each promises the moon while leaving out who will pay for it. We need to elect a president who is fiscally prudent and doesn't believe in mailing taxpayers thousands of dollars just because. Regardless they are of similar mind on most things, the exception being stem cell creation and NASA.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I guess I am fortunate that I left Houston 3 weeks ago. Anyway i've been following as close as I can. Galveston is bad, as is other communities on the coast. It could have been worse. The storm surge was only about half of predicted (12 feet vs 20 feet). It came ashore as a strong cat 2, again could be a cat 4 or something. It unfortunately directly hit Houston, and did major damage there. But again since it was only a cat 2 with 120 mph winds, the damage was limited to trees blown down and that type of thing. Flooding is bad but probably not worse than during Allison.

Most of our friends either evacuated or have power (Med Center didn't lose power since their lines are underground). I haven't heard from my lab so i have no idea how bad it is at MDACC.

Anyway, of the many stories i've read, this stands out.

Been a while

Well its been a while, guess I should update this. Jen and I moved to North Carolina, a stressful 2 day trip. We got our furniture a week later, and started work 2 days after that. This is the beginning of my 3rd week at work. We've been pounding the pavement alot looking for houses. We have 4 more to go through on our list, then we'll go back and look at our strong possibilities. With this housing market, there are alot on the market and it just takes time to go through everything. We started with about 80 houses in our search, now its down to about 20.

Luci is okay for now. She weathered the move okay. A few days ago I got home to find her in a comatose state, she wouldn't respond to food. At that point I dug out the syringe and dextrose solution and gave her that. After convulsions and near cardiac arrest, she came out of it. Since then we've been feeding her as much as we could. Today after feeding she went in and out of a fugue like state, which I think indicates low blood sugar. So...I think time is running out quickly. Who knows. But if she's that way immediately after a high protein meal I'm just not sure how long she's got. She's almost out of treatment options at this point. We can increase the preg dose and that's what we'll do. It's pretty sad but that's life.