Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I guess I am fortunate that I left Houston 3 weeks ago. Anyway i've been following as close as I can. Galveston is bad, as is other communities on the coast. It could have been worse. The storm surge was only about half of predicted (12 feet vs 20 feet). It came ashore as a strong cat 2, again could be a cat 4 or something. It unfortunately directly hit Houston, and did major damage there. But again since it was only a cat 2 with 120 mph winds, the damage was limited to trees blown down and that type of thing. Flooding is bad but probably not worse than during Allison.

Most of our friends either evacuated or have power (Med Center didn't lose power since their lines are underground). I haven't heard from my lab so i have no idea how bad it is at MDACC.

Anyway, of the many stories i've read, this stands out.

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