Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pinch me, i'm.. oh wait

Not irish. So why do american's do these silly things on St. Patricks day? Cause we can.

Monday, March 17, 2008

70 miles yesterday

Well I'm neck deep in bike training for the MS150. So far i've been doing smaller rides, 20-30 miles, and for the last few weeks my training has fallen off a bit. So i did the great escape ride, put in by my old biking club in pearland. They didn't have a 60 mi route so I sucked it up and did the 70. I was quite pleased with the layout, with rest stops every 10 mi or less. With the wind, that became critical. The wind was blowing at a steady 15 mph at least, gusting to about 30 mph. That kind of constant wind puts a real strain on biking; thank god almost all the ride was with a crosswind, a few parts with the head wind, a few with a tail wind (yes for effortless 20mph!).

Anyway, i did well, i survived for one, and wasn't the last person there (but close), and had a nice steady pace of 18-20 mph in crosswind. I was actually coherent for the rest of the day; usually i get home and collapse and don't move for 5 hours. Today i'm insanely tired but still at work. No caffeine b/c i'm dehydrated slightly (it just makes the dehydration worse). Anyway, i'm much more confident I can do the MS150, now I just need to train harder so i can last the second day.

Real Clear politics?

Take a look at this poll on the right (not the iraq poll, but that's good news). Look at our prez poll. Again (again!) we have a nation who is evenly split on obama vs clinton, and winner vs McCain. So, let me think. Clinton's first election was pretty easy, but not so the second. And of course the two Bush elections have been anything but predictable. Elder bush's election I can't recall, but I do recall the Reagen elections were landslides both times. So we are definatly entering a new era in politics, that of the evenly divided vote. About half the nation is dem and the other half republican (those who bother to vote at all). I imagine this trend will continue for another decade, then switch to more democratic (or maybe more republican??), as the baby boomers die off. But i'm not a polister or pundit.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

photo printers dead technology?

This blog entry in popsci is interesting and mentions the price of printer ink typically runs between $3000 and $5000 a gallon. I know i don't use my printer that much, and hardly ever for photos. I find that when i want to do a photo print, inevitably the ink will be dried up and useless, so I'll have to pay another $40 to get a new cartridge. Might as well send it to one of a zillion online photo print services.

Gary Gygax passed away

Gary was the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons, and the father of roleplaying. He was 69. Story here.

Monday, March 3, 2008