Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uhmm yeah.

So I play a bit too much (191d /played), over the stretch of 3 years . That's 4500 hours. In comparison you work for 9600 a year if you are a 40 hour per week employee. Too be fair, I wasn't actually played while I could have been working. But its still sobering. Nowadays tbh I may play 1 hour a day so i'm very pleased; I am really busy with RL stuff that is hopefully useful for my career.

However, you know what, you may laugh, but I gained huge insight about business and free markets. I was reflecting on this today. If I ever have any free cash flow I'll try to invest it for the purpose of short term gains; i did this a year ago, chickened out, and lost the opportunity to make $15,000 from $1000. I'll make a million and start a nature preserve, which would protect that ecosystem for all time, until the last day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long time no write.

Well i've been pretty busy, I hang out on Facebook more often now, and I have yet another blog devoted to my IT stuff. It's here:

Also I am working on my Cisco Users Group, that website is here again.

Google calendar feed

Well this drove me absolutely bonkers. I needed a feed for my new users group (website (still very rough) here:

Anyway it was less than obvious how to do this. You see the 'settings' in the picture? yeah that aint it. There are fully separate groups of calendar settings, don't ask me why.

What you do is click the down arrow next to your calendar in "My calendars" (see picture). Then you click "Calendar settings". From there, you need to make the calendar public, first of all. There is a row of tabs on the top of the dialouge, the second reads "Share this calendar". Click there. Then click 'make my calendar public'.

Then get the feed url by click on the Calendar details tab, then on the Calendar address row, click xml or html button or ical, which I think is a apple thing.