Friday, October 31, 2008

Moving moving

So actually we did find a house in the last batch of 5, we made an offer and they accepted, and it passed inspection, with the option period expiring today. So we have a new house! Its a very nice one with 3 stories and about 2500 s.f. in this area (south Durham).

We close on the 17th of November. Meanwhile I spent all week packing up the lab and cleaning up, we are moving on Monday. So, lots of moving and packing to do.

Update: Here is the MLS data.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well looks like our search is over and not going to happen. Waiting to hear on the last prop. In the last two weeks it turned into a frenzy, with the best house we've seen having four simultanous offers, then another in our 'final 5' catagory with an offer, then another with another showing while we were there. The one we want is 50k over priced.

Anyway some rental info that we are thinking of.

Nice prop for $1300 in HVF - 2 car ga.

Nice prop for $1200, loc unknown

Location service

Housing Statistics

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prediction: EC blowout for Obama

I am going on record to say that this election will be a landslide for Obama. People need to ignore poll analysis like this one which predicts a close race as McCain is only down a few points. The points do not matter at all. Look at the EC map prediction here. It shows Obama winning 364 vs 174 EC votes. It predicts all the swing states going his way, but even if they don't, its only about 60 EC votes for FL, NC, MO, and NV.

Obama is not just winning, he is crushing McCain. Even if all the swing states go McCain, he will still lose. And given the recent adverts in NC here, its been all Obama, all election. McCain was nowhere to be found. McCain will definately lose NC, i'll bet on that. Part of the issue is McCain's war chest of funding is so small, Obama is set to raise the most money ever for a presidental campaign. According to the govt, Obama has raised twice as much as McCain. Even Hillary Clinton has raised about as much as McCain has, and she didn't make it past the primary.

My guess is that money in itself will decide future campaigns before the votes are even cast.


In a year I predict the following.

1) Everyone's taxes will be higher. For those above 250,000 alot higher, for everyone else, higher.
2) The economy will finally begin to right itself. Obama will take credit.
3) We will pull out our troops in Iraq, having won, and spend another 4-8 years in Afghanistan, which we will lose.
4) We will have another oil crisis, and gas will be above $4 next summer
5) The politicians will promise the world and deliver nothing
6) There will still be no comprehensive national plan to right our budget, fix our energy needs, or bring growth back to our economy.
7) Pork barrel legislation will go through the roof.
8) A black man will be president, and only a few will care about his skin color.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Penguin Rescue

I love stories like this

In Brazil, 373 young Magellanic penguins were rescued, rehabilitated and released last weekend after their search for food left them stranded, hundreds of miles from their usual feeding grounds.

Cheap vet stuff

Cal vet : Carnivore Care

Also proglycem:

"I get diazoxide (proglycem) from a compounding pharmacy called: Pet
Health Pharmacy 800-742-0516

It costs $36 (plus postage) for a 30ml bottle of 50mg/ml. My ferret
gets .2ml (10mg) twice a day and a bottle lasts about 2 months."