Monday, March 17, 2008

Real Clear politics?

Take a look at this poll on the right (not the iraq poll, but that's good news). Look at our prez poll. Again (again!) we have a nation who is evenly split on obama vs clinton, and winner vs McCain. So, let me think. Clinton's first election was pretty easy, but not so the second. And of course the two Bush elections have been anything but predictable. Elder bush's election I can't recall, but I do recall the Reagen elections were landslides both times. So we are definatly entering a new era in politics, that of the evenly divided vote. About half the nation is dem and the other half republican (those who bother to vote at all). I imagine this trend will continue for another decade, then switch to more democratic (or maybe more republican??), as the baby boomers die off. But i'm not a polister or pundit.

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