Thursday, November 13, 2008


Been thinking about alot of things, especially a change in job field. Science is not easy and it's an up or out system, and I am rapidly approaching the make or break time, which I anticipate will not make the break, only 5% of us do. Anyway one thought was to work in the Obama adminstration, i already submitted a resume. A second though was to do a postdoc as a cancer prevention fellow, to do more statistical work and hopefully interact with M.D.s and patients more.

I think one issue is that there is so little visible job results which ties in directly to job satisfaction. I reached a milestone in one of my projects today, it took two months to clone a gene and to produce recombinant protein. It sounds challenging and it can be, but it's usually quite routine, just takes a long time often. If I was able to interact with actual real people I think I would be happier.


azgma said...

I still think you would enjoy grad level teaching!

Tori'sPop said...

The Obama Administration......god help us all!!