Monday, August 18, 2008

The plight of the little emporers

And how it's all WoW's fault.

An interesting tale of the modern chinese youth. Its so similiar to what is going on today in the U.S.; 4 million graduates from the elite chinese university, only 1.6 million jobs available. And this is when the economy is booming.

I think the world is headed towards a reality adjust, particularly the U.S. and China. We are fast running out of resources and energy. Smart policies will solve the problem, but there isn't a rallying cry, a national policy. We did so great in the second world war because the entire country was voluntarily focused on one goal: ending the war in nothing less than total victory. It was that or extinction under the combine Japanese/Nazi threat.

Nowadays I hear alot of people getting concerned about energy and how they plan to change their lives to fix their problems (ie make the gas bills cheaper by getting a more fuel efficient car, getting solar panels to decrease electricity bills).

If either presidental candidate actually came up with a Apollo type mission for energy independence he would win in a heartbeat.

Anyway these problems have nothing to do with escape/cope mechanisms such as WoW. HOpefully most people get it by now.

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Faradhim said...

But... Playing WOW does make better surgeons.