Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour de boring

Man, i've been following the tour but so far no big changeups except for the TTs (time trials). Today is no exception. Typically its a group of 3-4 riders way back in the standings, making a break, 90% of the time they get caught, this time they don't, the main guys who we care about (Lance for one), just sit in the peleton. Lance, we are all waiting for your move which better be supported by your team (or 90% of the American cyclist enthusiasts will tune out next years TdF).


azgma said...

I am enjoying the Tour. Yes, there hasn't been much drama, and I also hope Lance/the USA has a good game plan. Have been impressed by the pics of the beautiful landscape. I think of taking another trip to Europe, then remember all the beauty of the USA I have not yet visited. Maybe, there should be a Tour de America.

azgma said...

As of today, it is no longer Tour de Boring!

Gibbiex said...

Yesterday was good, as was Saturday. Was fun to see Hincape briefly in Yellow. Tour de America would be fun, but too long. Tour de California is already catching on with many of the pros participating.