Monday, July 13, 2009

Bye bye

Sent in letter of resignation today. That felt pretty good. I would have liked to stay and get the papers out but it proved impossible (lack of funding is main reason). So i'll be unemployed and working on data analysis and so forth on a volunteer basis.


Tori'sPop said...

Congratulations Rob. Make sure to file for unemployment as soon as you can. I've heard it's a pain to get that ball rolling.

Gibbiex said...

Thanks, will do. Yeah i feel really bad about the whole thing, but the boss wanted me to work 90% on another project, which while interesting, would take a while to generate a publication (our currency). This way I can work on finding a job, doing the writing, and basically not go into lab which stresses me enormously.

I think academic escapies will for a while harbor some feelings of failure but we just have to get out and get a real job to discover that its not us that failed academia, it's academia that failed us. From the non-existant team work, to the non-existant mentoring, the constant need to learn entirely separate fields (for this last project I did mouse genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, proteomics, bioinformatics - all widely different fields). It gets to be just ridiculous. How many people need to know so many expertese with little or no guidance? Just academic postdocs i guess.

azgma said...

Wow!!! That took a lot of courage! File for unemployment ASAP, and get on Jenni's insurance. Good luck!