Thursday, November 8, 2007

WoW Dailies

Some help here.

The wowwiki page for Dailies is here

Seems like there are three main factions for Dailies. All require flying mount, and a quest chain to unlock. The netherdrake faction requires 300 ride skill (5000g), so this is usually taken up later.

1) Sha'Tari Skyguard

This starts with Yuula at the Terrance of Light in Shat. She give the quest "Threat from Above", basically just fly northeast of shat, and kill ogres. They are 70s and 71s, and there is one elite. Don't engage him, stay clear! He wooped my ass 3/3 times. From here, several dailies are unlocked, mostly in Skeetis. To grind rep to Exalted w/ just dailies it will take 26 days and net approx 1000g. (40g/day approx)

2) Ogri'la. All info on that page.

3) Netherdrake quests. You need 300 ride skill to advance past neutral.

New dailies in 2.3! Wohoo, get more honor in AV and more gold per dungeon run is always a good thing.

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