Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Asus releases new ultramoble PC

Usually UMPCs are very expensive ($2000-3000), and are packed with features. The Asus one is different, for one it runs Linux, for two it has a solid state disk as a main storage unit (basically a thumb drive in the UMPC). And the cost is quite low too.

Anyway there is a review here of it.

And ZipZoomFly has some pricing info. ($420 for 4gig version w/ larger battery, $350 for 4gig and smaller battery)).

I think it's a potentially good deal, but I worry that first the price mentioned was $200 or $250, and a 16 gig or 8 gig disk. Now there is only a 4 gig disk, and $420. So i think they need to do more to bring the price down. As it is, it's not a windows computer, it won't run much at all except web browser and word processing apps or other non-demanding apps. On the other hand, boot and load times are non-existant (10-15 seconds to load linux, a few seconds to load apps). My current desktop takes a full 5 minutes to load windows and an application (its screwed up, admittedly, time for reformat). So it's not strictly better than other UMPCs in sense that it's a limited platform, but it's much cheaper. Its kinda like a upgraded blackberry. Anyway, its not a must-have for me, but if i was a student it'd be useful for notetaking and that sort of thing.

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