Monday, October 1, 2007

Upgrade complete

I recently upgraded my computer, not without a few hickups. I ended up with a AMD X2 5600+ CPU and a ATI 1950GT video card. Here are some interesting benchmarks.

4800+ X2 5600+ X2 5600+ X2

Gforce 6600GT Gforce 6600GT ATI 1950GT
3DMark Score 2255 2279 Marks 4383 Marks
SM 2.0 Score 871 871 Marks 1610 Marks
SM 3.0 Score 782 783 Marks 1783 Marks
CPU Score 1880 2166 Marks 2164 Marks

Its not terribly surprising, in hindsight, that increasing the CPU speed does very little to the graphics score. Further, here are some Bioshock benchmarks. My previous CPU was a 3000+ with DDR RAM. Now I have a X2 CPU and DD2 RAM. That said, Bioshock ran at 15 FPS with the 3000+ CPU, 4800+ CPU, and 5600+ CPU. Only when I upgraded to the ATI card did the FPS soar to 55. So there's alot to be said to upgrading just the graphics card.

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faradhim said...

Why 1950GT? 1950PRO can be had for about the same price with 25% performance gain..