Friday, October 19, 2007

Reid / Rush letter sells for $2.1 million

Story here. This is a great deal for kids of law enforcement and marines killed in the line of duty.

I don't like Rush, he's often wrong, he's opinionated, and not very scientific. But I think the senate dems (including Reid, Clinton, and Obama) went overboard asking for Rush's boss to scold him. To me, its tantimount to censorship (as Rush was quick to point out, in that story). Remember the bill of rights? The very first Ammendment states that Congress shall not pass any law which abridges the freedom of the press. This is tantemont to this. No, they didn't pass a law, but their words were intended as such. As public servents I expect more from them.

Does this explain their 10%ish approval rating? Really, 10% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. Down some 15-20% from when the GOP held office (and we thought it couldn't get any worse). I don't mean to be partisan here; Congress should react to the will of the people, stop passing meaningless resolutions, stop the pork bloat, balance the budget, and stay off presidental politiking (the election is *next* November, that's a full year away!)

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