Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The constant in life is change

Wow, long time no write. I mostly update via facebook, but still a good blog post can be worthwhile. I'm still really focused on my career; I had a 6 month contract with Cisco which expired 10 days ago. I have mixed feelings; it was a good educational experience but I pretty much tapped that out, and the pay was horrible. I guess my impression is that i can do more worthwhile things than do scut work at minimum wage, even if it does not directly and immediately lead to income generation.

I'm still trying to get into PACS/RIS, its probably a good field for me but tough to break in to, and is essentially saturated in the U.S.; pretty much everyone has a system of some sort, now its just updates. I spent several months chasing a job prospect; some 6 interviews, and didn't get it at the last interview. Oh well. Sour grapes.

After that I re-evaluated and decided to start my own computer repair business. I've been thinking about it for a while and it's something I can definitely do. The problem is many others can do it too, and its also probably hard to break in to a saturated market. But that's the case no matter where you go in IT; there are alot of people in this field, only a handful really have any skill; and it seems really hard to get off the ground. In this I am sure my PhD is working against me. How much easier of a time would I have if i just had a BS in comp sci or something? I will never know. For now I am doing all the certifications and networking I can do.

First off is finding a name. I am thinking of going with "PhD Computers Inc.". There is a shop online with that name though, in Oregon. I can legally use it for doing business in NC however, but I'm not sure. I can go with something like "PhD Computer Repair", or "Dejournett Computers" . Or something like that.

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azgma said...

How abt "Robert's Computer Fix, Inc" or something like that?