Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uhmm yeah.

So I play a bit too much (191d /played), over the stretch of 3 years . That's 4500 hours. In comparison you work for 9600 a year if you are a 40 hour per week employee. Too be fair, I wasn't actually played while I could have been working. But its still sobering. Nowadays tbh I may play 1 hour a day so i'm very pleased; I am really busy with RL stuff that is hopefully useful for my career.

However, you know what, you may laugh, but I gained huge insight about business and free markets. I was reflecting on this today. If I ever have any free cash flow I'll try to invest it for the purpose of short term gains; i did this a year ago, chickened out, and lost the opportunity to make $15,000 from $1000. I'll make a million and start a nature preserve, which would protect that ecosystem for all time, until the last day.

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azgma said...

There is an episode on True Life devoted to a similar behavior. I would say, "Get a life, like me!", if I actually had one. :)