Tuesday, January 22, 2008

BBB does the eagle boss in ZA

For when we ever get there, this will be a useful post.

More Kara drama last night. The raid group has downed shade/illhoof this week (without me!), and proceded to prince. Last night was the last time we could try prince before reset on Tuesday (today). Anyway before we even got in there was guild drama, the drama always cranks up when a raid group assembles. Anyway this guy, a warrior, had an absolute cow when he was told he couldn't come. He hasn't done kara before, when I played with him he had trouble in normal 70 instances. Despite a whole bunch of PVP gear he was not producing the numbers we needed. And this was strictly, strictly a ranged fight. Melee types are useless on this fight. Not so us ranged ppl.

So anyway we wipe a few times, and finally get a good luck streak (this fight is partally based on luck since these infernals come down and if they land in the middle of your raid you are pretty much SOL). So we were chugging him down to 20% or thereabouts, and we had a real strong chance of defeating him, nobody was down (this is one of those fights that's simple, if the main tank dies, we all die. If the infernal lands on us, we all die.). So it's truely an all or nothing fair. Despite the fact that we only had 2 healers. So anyway we're burning him down and i'm thinking, damn we may have a shot at a guild-first downing, let alone 3 in a week! And my power goes out, preceeded shortly by a muffled explosion. Likely, a transformer blew, and sending us all into darkness (probably the whole complex). But the power people were on the ball, and power came on a few hours later. Too late for us, we were fast asleep.

Now i have no idea if prince is down or if my disconnection killed our shot.

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